Women More Likey to Seek Hair Loss Treatment Than Men

added 2nd October 2014

A new survey carried out in Britain by hair care giant, L’Oreal found that – perhaps, unsurprisingly – women are more likely to seek treatment for hair loss than men.

Out of the 2,000 subjects asked, two out of five women said they would want to treat their hair loss, compared to just one in ten men.Women More Likely To Seek Help for Hair Loss - Combat Hair Loss

Two thirds of the men questioned attributed their hair loss to genetics, blaming it on hereditary male pattern baldness. In contrast, women gave a number of reasons for their hair loss, ranging from dieting, pregnancy, shock or trauma, and – most commonly – stress.

With a quarter of those surveyed admitting they would rather be celibate than bald, and nearly a sixth saying they would rather be fat than lose their hair, it may seem extraordinary how few decide to actually seek help with their hair loss. However, whilst the reasons balding men were unlikely to seek expert advice were not given, the fact that the survey found a general lack of awareness on the topic of hair loss could be the reason. Only 1 in 10 of those questioned knew the causes of thinning hair.

The survey was undertaken to promote L’Oreal Professional’s new anti-thinning product range, Serioxyl. Despite the potentially confusing marketing description, Serioxyl products are not hair loss treatments. Propecia (men only) and minoxidil remain the only medically-proven hair loss treatments currently available.

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