Nanogen manufactures a range of hair products for men and women. Specifically, Nanogen has developed hair loss concealer products, several hair care products, and dietary supplements for men and women. All Nanogen products are designed for complementary use.

Nanofibres is a well-known product used by men and women with hair loss scale ratings up to and including Norwood 6 and Ludwig III. It is a hair loss concealer that uses an electrostatic charge to bind microscopic strands of dyed keratin fibres to each strand of existing hair, creating a temporary appearance of thicker, more voluminous hair. It has a natural appearance and comes in a range of colours to blend with the individual’s hair. While designed to camouflage thinning hair, Nanofibres is a cosmetic product that will not reverse hair loss or prevent further balding.

To support the use of Nanofibres, Nanogen developed Aquamatch and a Locking Mist Spray. Aquamatch blends scalp and hair colour to conceal thinning hair, as well as scars and wide partings. Prior to using Nanofibres, Aquamatch is ‘pencilled’ directly on areas of the scalp where thinning or scarring is prevalent then blended using the fingertips. The Locking Spray is designed to bind Nanofibres in place through wind, rain, perspiration, and under water, while protecting hair from UV damage. It is similar to hair spray and used after applying the Nanofibres.

Nanogen does not produce medical hair loss treatments. However it developed the Titanium Scalp Roller to enhance the effectiveness of topical hair growth treatments. The Titanium Scalp Roller is a handheld device that looks similar to a small paint roller and is used by rolling across the scalp – front top back, then along the sides. The roller is covered in hundreds of micro-needles that penetrate the scalp, which is believed to allow for increased absorption of hair growth treatments. When used according to the directions, the Titanium Scalp Roller should not cause bleeding or permanent injury.

Additionally, the superficial wounding of the scalp stimulates the Wnt protein to repair the skin and is believed to encourage new hair growth. According to Nanogen, “the latest research by Intercytex, performed with Dr. Bessam Farjo as principal investigator, has shown that patients receiving superficial injections and controlled wounding grow new hair, which may solely be a result of the controlled skin wounding itself.” However, the Titanium Scalp Roller is not a device cleared by the FDA or licensed by the MHRA for use in the treatment of hair loss.

To help reduce hair loss and maintain healthy hair growth, Nanogen developed a nutritional vitamin supplement in tailored versions – Nanogen Intervention for Men and Nanogen Intervention for Women. Nanogen Intervention contains antioxidants and phyto-extracts such as resveratrol and curcumin, believed to protect against hair follicle damage; bio-active hair cell fortifiers such as saw palmetto, caffeine, taurine, Pine Bark Extract and beta-sitosterol, believed to help hair follicles maintain thick and healthy hair growth; and balanced ion micronutrition including copper, zinc, and magnesium, because even small deficiences in these nutrients are believed to affect hair growth. Nanogen Intervention is used to ensure high levels of vital nutrients for hair growth, however it is not a complete hair loss treatment.

Nanogen hair care products include Hair Growth Factor Conditioner, Follicle Defence Conditioner, and ScalpEase MDL. All contain Nanogen sh-VEGF Complex – Nanogen’s own formula hair growth factor complex derived from plant extracts – and are intended to enhance the benefits of other Nanogen products. However they will not generate hair growth or prevent hair loss.

Hair Growth Factor Conditioner uses electrostatic technology to improve the binding and hair thickening results from Nanofibres. It contains amphoteric surfactants and dipolar amino acids to optimise the effects of Nanofibres, cocos nucifera oil to deeply penetrate and hydrate the hair, and L-cysteine & D-panthenol to strengthen the hair and maintains hair growth.

Nanogen Follicle Defence Conditioner is an intense restorative treatment mask that also uses electrostatic technology to improve the binding and hair thickening results from Nanofibres. It contains amphoteric sufactants to optimise the effects of Nanofibres, and saw palmetto and caffeine, believed to stimulate hair growth.

Scalp Ease MDL is formulated to hydrate the hair and soothe the scalp. It contains Niacinamide, beta-Glucan, and glycerine to maintain blood flow to the follicles, support wound healing, and reduce itching or redness commonly experienced when using propylene glycol or alcohol based products and/or treatments. It also contains panthenol to help restore the natural shine and soft, smooth feel of damaged hair.