Thymuskin is brand of products designed by Vita-Cos-Med Klett-Loch GmbH to address a variety of hair and scalp conditions in men and women such as hair loss, dandruff, and environmental damage. Thymuskin products include shampoos and conditioners, lotions, gels and vitamin supplements.

ThymuSkin Treatment is a topical lotion that makers claim has a 97% success rate for women and 67% success rate for men in treating genetic hair loss. The manufacturer also claims ThymuSkin Treatment will regrow hair in cases of Alopecia universalis, where patients experience total hair loss of the entire body. The manufacturer attributes this success to ThymuSkin’s combination of plant proteins, vitamins B, E and F, and “a fully synthetic thymus peptide library” that acts as a coating for the hair and prevents the hair follicle from responding to the hormonal affects that cause hair loss.

However, ThymuSkin Treatment is not approved by the FDA or licensed by the MHRA for the treatment of hair loss. There are no clinical investigations that link ThymuSkin products – or the thymus peptide – with hair loss prevention or regrowth.

ThymuSkin medicated shampoos and conditioners are also claimed to prevent hereditary hair loss while nourishing and strengthening the hair and hair roots. They are said to be complementary to ThymuSkin Treatment or to be used alone as a preventative or nourishing treatment.

Another conditioning treatment by Thymuskin is the Hair Balm Rinse. Containing avocado oil, it is formulated for to brittle, split or very dry hair and for flaky, dandruff-affected and itchy scalps to lend moisture and shine to the hair, making hair sleeker and easier to comb.

Thymuskin Med Gel is intended for use on dry or seborrheic scalps and where heavy hair loss is evident. Makers claim it demonstrates very good results in preventing congenital hair loss and activating new hair growth in both women and men. It is also supposedly effective for eyebrows in totalis sufferers. However, there is no clinical evidence that such claims are justified.

To further help treat existing hair damage and also prevent further damage, the Thymuskin produced the Hair Treatment Mask – a leave in product claimed to penetrate damaged, porous hair and form a protective layer to help prevent dryness, splitting and breaking, and protect against harmful environmental influences and UV rays.

To support hair vitality, healthy skin and strong nails, ThymuSkin manufacturers developed GKL Revitalising Capsules. These contain a combination of ingredients from amino acids, vitamins, linseed oil, and “the biologically active coenzyme Q10” – which is claimed to improve the oxygen supply and the metabolism in all human cells.

According to Thymuskin, over 10 years of clinical studies have been performed on the use of ThymuSkin as an effective treatment of alopecia androgenetica (Pattern Baldness), diffusa (Hair Loss Over The Whole Scalp and Possible All Parts Of The Body), and areate (Patchy Baldness). None have been documented in medical journals.