Procerin is a brand of products including a nutritional supplement, topical foam, and shampoo, marketed specifically for men experiencing hair loss.

Procerin Tablets is a nutritional supplement intended to help prevent hair loss in men by alleviating the hair follicles of the hormonal effects that contribute to the condition. Marketers claim that Procerin Tablets contain ingredients that naturally target the enzyme which starts the process of male pattern hair loss. While they do contain the herb extract saw palmetto and minerals zinc and magnesium, which are understood to support hair health, there is no conclusive evidence that Procerin Tablets or any other nutritional supplement, vitamin or mineral can prevent hair loss or generate hair growth in men.

Procerin XT Foam is a topical solution claimed to promote healthy hair and provide essential nutrients direct to the scalp. It contains ingredients such as saw palmetto extract, grapeseed extract, stinging nettle extract, and azelaic acid. This formulation may prime existing hair for optimal health, but it will not treat hair loss or promote new growth.

Procerin Scalp Therapy Shampoo is claimed to cleanse the hair follicles of the hormone that contributes to hair loss in men and promote a healthy scalp for hair regrowth. It is also claimed to thicken and strengthen existing hair. While it contains ingredients including panthenol and olea europaea (olive) leaf extract that may moisturise the hair, Procerin Scalp Therapy Shampoo will not prevent hair loss or contribute to hair growth.

Procerin products are not medicinal and are not approved by the FDA or licensed by the MHRA for the treatment of hair loss.