Hollywood’s Latest Tricks for Hiding and Treating Men’s Hair Loss

added 3rd July 2017

A piece in the Hollywood Reporter magazine has exposed the film industry’s latest tricks for hiding and treating hair loss in men.


Whilst the usual pharmaceutical methods of preventing hair loss remain popular, men are keen to explore additional therapies to use alongside these products.


Combat-Hair-Loss-PRP-Hollywood-Prevent-Hair_LossPRP is a trendy choice and, despite being seemingly ineffective as a standalone hair loss treatment, these scalp injections have been shown in studies to be a beneficial adjunct to the key primary treatments, finasteride and minoxidil, which are both MHRA and FDA approved.


Hollywood has to take it a step further, however, and is now trying adding various other components to the injected solutions. The most outlandish-sounding of the added ingredients mentioned in the article being fetal foreskin cells and amniotic fluid which doctors hope will improve hair growth.


For those who have left it too late to treat their male pattern baldness, hair transplants – especially those using an ARTAS robot – remain a favoured option among actors. As too is wearing a hairpiece or wig, thanks to the advances in these products – although they do nothing to address or prevent hair loss caused by a genetic condition.


Scalp micropigmentation is another Hollywood secret for hiding hair loss that has now gone mainstream. This involves tattooing the scalp to make it look like there is hair there and requires redoing every few years to keep the colour from fading. It can be performed on bald heads as well as to ‘colour in’ the scalp of men wanting to disguise thinning hair, although this may look strange close up.


Whilst only finasteride and minoxidil have been clinically proven to treat male hair loss – and low level laser devices have been FDA cleared to help hair growth – it is a huge and innovative industry. How long it takes for these new approaches to be proven safe and effective, as well as affordable by the masses – and not just Hollywood stars – remains to be seen, however.

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