Over Half of African-American Women Hit By Hair Loss Says Study

added 23rd March 2016

An American study which delved into hair loss in black women uncovered some surprising information, not in terms of how many had or still do experience some form of shedding, but the primary cause.   Dr Yolanda M. Lenzy, FAAD, a dermatologist and clinical associate at America’s University of Connecticut, worked with the Black Women’s Read More

Samumed SM04554 Named as Potential Cure for Advanced Baldness

added 16th March 2016

A new hair loss treatment, currently in clinical trials, aims to bring hope to men in the latter, more advanced stages of male pattern baldness.   SM04554 is a once-daily topical treatment for genetic hair loss that has been developed by Samumed LLLC, an American pharmaceutical company that specialises in regenerative medicine.   Promising safety data from initial phase Read More

Scientists Discover Genes That Cause Balding and Grey Hair

added 9th March 2016

The Nature journal has published a study report, including its breakthrough findings, from University College London where researchers have discovered genetic reasons for various hair-related characteristics from hair types to going grey, and developing hereditary hair loss.   Over six thousand people from various backgrounds were studied in order to produce novel data into the genes responsible Read More

Study Says Age-Related Hair Loss Caused By Follicles Turning to Skin

added 22nd February 2016

A new Japanese study published in the respected Science journal has found that hair loss as we age is caused by a natural decline in collagen production, which causes the hair follicles to turn to skin. In order to investigate why – regardless of any hair loss issues – people’s hair tends to become thinner with age, researchers from Read More

Evolis FGF5 Inhibitor-Base Hair Loss Serums Released

added 27th May 2015

Australian company Advangen Limited has released the world’s first clinically-validated Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 (FGF5) inhibitor hair loss product in the form of their evolis serum range. They are designed to be used by men with Male Pattern Baldness and women with Female Pattern Hair Loss. FGF5 is a protein in the body which controls Read More

Brushing Your Teeth Linked to Hair Loss Prevention

added 15th April 2015

Information regarding epithelial keratins presented at a meeting of the International Association for Dental Research suggests the first provable link between hair loss and oral hygiene. An association between Male Pattern Hair Loss and keratin, a protein that can cause dental cavities in teeth and forms 88% of a hair follicle, has been established by previous studies. This Read More

Scottish Hair Transplant Clinic Reports +400% Increase in Procedures

added 9th April 2015

A hair transplant clinic in Scotland has reported an increase of over 400% in the number of procedures they carried out in 2014, compared to 2013. The booming popularity of hair restoration in the country is thought to be related to a dissipation of the stigma that had previously been attached to this type of surgery, Read More

Model Wears Wig Due to Hair Loss Caused by Lack of Afro Hair Knowledge

added 31st March 2015

A British fashion model, Jourdan Dunn has detailed her personal experience of hair loss which she attributes to stylists’ lack of understanding of afro hair. The Burberry and Victoria’s Secret model told Hello! magazine that, due to the constant work demands placed on her and often working with stylists who had no real knowledge of afro Read More

Hair Loss from Cancer Treatment May Indicate Likely Survival

added 20th March 2015

A new study published in the European Journal of Cancer has found that losing hair during chemotherapy may be an indicator of improved survival rates in ovarian cancer patients. Chemotherapy causes hair loss when the chemicals it employs to fight cancer cells also attack the hair follicles. Many patients have noted how the physical sign of losing Read More

Genetic Hair Loss More Likely to be Passed on By Fathers

added 13th March 2015

New research has revealed that genetic traits are more likely to be passed on by fathers than mothers, so hair loss may well be inherited from the male side of the family. Published in the Nature Genetics journal, an American study into imprinted genes found that we inherit similar amounts of DNA from each parent. However, those that Read More

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