Alopecia Universalis Tofacitinib Study Regrows Hair for Bald Man

added 22nd November 2016

In the latest study into using JAK inhibitor drugs to treat various forms of Alopecia Areata, a patient has managed to regrow a large amount of hair despite having Alopecia Universalis. He was part of a small clinical trial at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil, investigating the use of oral tofacitinib for Read More

Extract of Chinese Mallow Seed May Reduce Hair Loss Naturally

added 18th April 2016

Korean researchers have found that an extract taken from seeds of the Malva Verticillata plant, better known as Chinese Mallow, is ‘a good candidate for treating hair loss’.   A relation of the hibiscus and popularly drunk as a tea, Chinese Mallow is currently used in traditional medicine as a natural remedy for renal disorders Read More

Japanese Scientists Develop Artificial Skin That Can Grow Hair

added 11th April 2016

Japanese scientists have made a major breakthrough that could have serious ramifications for people with hair loss, particularly those with baldness caused by the likes of Alopecia Universalis and Cicatricial Alopecia.   By using stem cell technology and IPS cells as well as the Wntb10b signalling molecule, researchers at Kobe’s RIKEN Centre for Developmental Biology have managed to create lab-grown Read More

Eyelash Growth Drug Bimatoprost Trialled as Hair Loss Treatment

added 6th April 2016

A new, one-year clinical trial has been announced by the American pharmaceutical company Allergan Plc, formerly known as Actavis Plc, which will further investigate the drug bimatoprost in relation to male pattern baldness.   The company had previously looked into this potential area of development in 2013 but part way through the study, despite impressive lab Read More

One Time Body Fat-Based Injection May Treat Genetic Hair Loss

added 30th March 2016

Maxwell Aesthetics of Nashville, a Tennessee-based plastic surgery clinic, has filed a clinical trial notice advising of its proposed study into a novel solution to genetic hair loss.   The American company intends to use a single, one-off injection comprising elements of adipose (body fat) that have been taken from each of the volunteers it plans to recruit, then modified, to Read More

Over Half of African-American Women Hit By Hair Loss Says Study

added 23rd March 2016

An American study which delved into hair loss in black women uncovered some surprising information, not in terms of how many had or still do experience some form of shedding, but the primary cause.   Dr Yolanda M. Lenzy, FAAD, a dermatologist and clinical associate at America’s University of Connecticut, worked with the Black Women’s Read More

Samumed SM04554 Named as Potential Cure for Advanced Baldness

added 16th March 2016

A new hair loss treatment, currently in clinical trials, aims to bring hope to men in the latter, more advanced stages of male pattern baldness.   SM04554 is a once-daily topical treatment for genetic hair loss that has been developed by Samumed LLLC, an American pharmaceutical company that specialises in regenerative medicine.   Promising safety data from initial phase Read More

Scientists Discover Genes That Cause Balding and Grey Hair

added 9th March 2016

The Nature journal has published a study report, including its breakthrough findings, from University College London where researchers have discovered genetic reasons for various hair-related characteristics from hair types to going grey, and developing hereditary hair loss.   Over six thousand people from various backgrounds were studied in order to produce novel data into the genes responsible Read More

Study Says Age-Related Hair Loss Caused By Follicles Turning to Skin

added 22nd February 2016

A new Japanese study published in the respected Science journal has found that hair loss as we age is caused by a natural decline in collagen production, which causes the hair follicles to turn to skin. In order to investigate why – regardless of any hair loss issues – people’s hair tends to become thinner with age, researchers from Read More

Evolis FGF5 Inhibitor-Base Hair Loss Serums Released

added 27th May 2015

Australian company Advangen Limited has released the world’s first clinically-validated Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 (FGF5) inhibitor hair loss product in the form of their evolis serum range. They are designed to be used by men with Male Pattern Baldness and women with Female Pattern Hair Loss. FGF5 is a protein in the body which controls Read More

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